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New asphalt paved church parking lot in the trees with no striping
Your commercial property is a reflection of your business

commercial solutions

Your commercial property is a reflection of your business. A well-kept parking lot tells prospective clients you want their patronage. Simpson & Simpson can work with you to build your parking area right the first time. Or we can take an older lot and make it shine again.

Building your parking area from scratch right the first time can mean the difference between high maintenance and low maintenance costs over the years. Also, maintaining what you currently have will not only preserve the appearance but will keep the high cost of major repairs out of your check book. 

Need more details on what is involved in the paving process? See our Paving 101 section

Parking lot stall

We know asphalt

Asphalt paving crew riding on the back of an asphalt paver while paving community road

Asphalt or “hot mix” is the real stuff, the stuff you want for a good complete job that you won’t have to replace for 20 or 30 years. It’s a mixture of stone and sand along with a liquid asphalt binder. The asphalt is heated to over 300 degrees Fahrenheit to make it workable in a loose form. Asphalt must be installed quickly before it solidifies.

Many commercial properties have asphalt parking lots. We install asphalt from the ground up using state of the art equipment that not only provides a better finished product but keeps the cost of installation down by making less handwork and installing more tons per hour. 

Paving Crew installing asphalt with a paving machine on a newly subgraded parking lot.

Asphalt is not only used for new construction but is used for repair and maintenance of existing asphalt, such as filling potholes, repairing broken edges, and replacing “alligator” or cracked areas.


Paving fabric being laid down by machine in  a parking lot in preparation for an asphalt overlay

  Along with full service paving we offer all types of asphalt and chipseal maintenance; 

  • Seal coat
  • Resurfacing & seal coat maintenance
  • Repairs & patches
  • Crack filling
  • Curbing
  • Utility trench paving (small, large, private & commercial)
  • Oil & chip

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Concrete Options

Many commercial areas have sidewalks, front entrances or concrete curbing of some sort. If any of these areas are damaged, broken due to tree roots, discolored, or just plain worn out, we can repair or replace them with new materials that will stand out and say welcome. We offer;

  • All types of finishes:
    • Broom
    • Stamped
    • Colored
  • Repair & installation
  • Curbing & sidewalks


What we offer the commercial sector


Parking Lots

All types of parking lot construction, striping, and maintenance


Road Projects

 Construction and reconstruction of all types of public and private road systems. 


Resurfacing & Seal Coat Maintenance

 Asphalt, chip seal, and seal coat resurfacing. 


Grading & Baserock

 Re-grading of existing baserock or  installation of new gravel including compaction. 


Repairs & Patches

 Patching of potholes, broken edges, and crack filling. 


Utility Trench Paving (small, large, private & commercial)

 Public or private projects requiring specialized installation of asphalt in a narrow trench or tight area. 



Installing a concrete gutter to fix drainage in front of a garage.


Culvert replacement using sack rip rap for head walls.


Ditch lining for erosion control on community road.


Installing paving fabric prior to asphalt overlay in parking lot.