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Protect your investment wth a seal coat

Pavement Management System

Your asphalt investment begins deteriorating immediately after installation. Contributing factors include weather elements, traffic patterns, landscaping, oil contamination and ultraviolet exposure. We recommend that you protect your investment with a seal coat.


Structurally failed asphalt allows water penetration and contributes to eventual potholes. Ultra violet light (the sun) and water can deteriorate binders in the asphalt surface that will allow the finer particles (sand) to loosen up and wash off, leaving the larger rocks behind. A severely deteriorated surface can look like the inside of an English muffin. When the surface gets to this point, it is only a matter of time and you will have cracking and a failed area. 


 Structurally failed asphalt allows water penetration and contributes to eventual potholes. The first step in improving and protecting your asphalt investment is repairing areas. 


 Preparation to patch failed sections of asphalt.


 Installation and compaction of hot asphalt to complete repair of damaged area.


 Cracks greater than 1/4” width filled with hot pour crack filler on a community road. 


Simpson & Simpson, Inc. has been a family operated, full service paving company for over 60 years. Nobody knows better than we do that your asphalt roadway, driveway, or parking lot was a costly, time consuming investment that you would like to preserve as long as possible.

The premise of our PAVEMENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM is a simple one - maintain your asphalt investment with pennies today, or rebuild it with dollars tomorrow. We specialize in addressing customers’ needs in a comprehensive, personal manner. We want to meet with you, inspect your properties, and help create a solution that remedies your specific needs. 

We can provide the proper maintenance that could double the life of your asphalt pavement! Our quality seal coat will protect your asphalt from damaging factors and provide the new black appearance that adds eye-catching curb appeal.


We can work with our customers to determine the optimum maintenance schedule for their surface. Two critical elements in a maintenance plan are preventing water from penetrating into the base and subgrade by regularly sealing cracks and applying seal coat on a three to five year cycle. 

A seal coat provides a durable barrier that offers protection from the elements, fuel, and oil leaks that prove detrimental to asphalt surfaces. The sealer is an asphalt based emulsion that can be fortified with latex rubber additives and sand. Its application will significantly slow the natural degradation of your pavement. 


 Machine applied seal coat provides an even coat of the protection you need.


 Fresh, new appearance. 


All seal coating materials come from the manufacturer in a concentrated form. Some can be diluted at a rate of about 25 gallons of water maximum per 100 gallons of concentrated seal coat. However, unless you were a trained inspector you may never know the difference in a product that was 100 gallons of water mixed with 100 gallons of seal coat when it was applied to your pavement. It would still look black and you might think you had a nice seal coating job and got a good deal. When, in fact, you had been taken advantage of, and, at best, would have a product that would wear off very quickly.

Simpson & Simpson, Inc. does not dilute its seal coat. We will only seal coat your asphalt in warmer months when ambient temperatures are consistently 70 degrees and above. These temperatures allow for the liquid texture of the seal coat that is necessary in order to apply it without dilution. If your asphalt surface is relatively smooth, we will apply seal coat in many applications. Given a good 24 hours to dry, your non-diluted seal coat leaves you with more solids per square foot which translates into increased wear ability and longevity.